Sponsor a JAMbe

Whether you’re looking for a super-productive initiative for your company’s CSI budget, or you’re an individual wishing to make a difference, we welcome your contribution. You can sponsor a JAMbe drum for one or more young people which will go towards their musicianship training (or for whichever field of interest we have skills development programmes). If you can sponsor 25 or more we will send you a JAMbe drum with your name or the corporate branding of your choice laser’ed onto the top.

Mosito Wa Afrika is an approved organisations which uses donations to fund specific SARS-approved Public Benefit Activities. We are dependent on generous individuals and organisations to support our programmes and initiatives.

We are a registered PBO with SARS and as such we are able to issue Section 18A tax deductible receipts. A taxpayer making a financial donation or donating property to Mosito is entitled to a deduction from taxable income.

EFT (preferred)

We prefer EFT because then your entire contribution is received without commission deductions associated with credit cards and other methods.

Bank Account Details

Bank: FNB
Account Type: Business Cheque
Branch Code: 255355
Account Number: 626 956 737 75
Swift Code: FIRNZAJJ

Credit/Debit Card

* Amount

Clicking on ‘Donate’ will take you to PayFast. They are also used by Virgin Active, Land Rover, OUTA and many others.

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