Lebo Rapetswa MositoMoŠito wa Afrika was founded in 2016 by Molebogeng (Lebo) Rapetswa and Reg Scheepers. It is pronounced “mosheeto” and it means The Rhythm of Africa in Pedi.About Us

Lebo is the founder of the Stru Movement which hosts and facilitates interactive, co-creative workshops that change dis-empowering perspectives and mindsets concerning thorny social, cultural and economic issues. These beliefs, whatever they may be, cause disharmony in society and Stru workshops re-frame these into a new context that brings understanding, healing and forgiveness.

Lebo was invited to conduct a strategic conversation workshop at a school where certain cultural issues had begun to develop and cause strain among learners. Lebo decided to incorporate an ice-breaker and invited Brothers in Beat to jump-start the day with their Rock Star Interactive Drumming.


About UsReg Scheepers founded Brothers in Beat in 2008. They specialise in team building and entertainment using Rock Star Interactive Drumming. With normal interactive drumming which many people are familiar with, each participant gets a drum to play and the group plays various beats and rhythms together.

Rock Star Interactive Drumming is different because it includes a very emotive element which is missing from standard interactive drumming – music. Brothers in Beat brings everyone a drum to play, BUT they also bring a powerful sound system for music. The group then learns basic beats and techniques and applies that to songs like “I Like to Move It Move It”, “Pirates of the Caribbean”, and others.

Team Building Drumming for Schools
Corporate Drumming Team Building
Brothers in Beat interactive drumming at Johannesburg Chldren's Welfare Society
Giving Through Interactive Drumming


Coming back to the day of the workshop to address the cultural strains at this school, learners were reserved, shy, and had to be coaxed to volunteer their opinions and stories. This made it very difficult to reach them and create a breakthrough.

However after the Rock Star Interactive Drumming session, participants were in a completely different state. They were focused and felt a sense of connection with one another. Learners participated freely, jumping up to volunteer their opinions where merely one hour before they didn’t want to be there.

A change in attitude wasn’t the surprise – we were aware of the benefits of group drumming. But it was the extent of the difference, the starkness of the contrast between shy and reserved to open and enthusiastic.

Where the group was closed-off before the drumming, after the drumming session they opened up to where responsiveness and participation levels were at a peak. This had the effect of opening the participants’ hearts and minds to Lebo and her Stru Movement team and they received maximum cooperation and enthusiasm. The stage was set to deal with the issues at hand because everyone was put in a so-called “beautiful state” – an optimal state that makes people receptive to positive change.

Lebo and Reg realised that they were on to something and MoSito wa Afrika was born.


We’ve come a long way since those early days! Mosito wa Afrika has been registered as an NPO with the Department of Social Development’s highest security clearance. This gives us access to intervene in the most sensitive of social issues facing our country today, including matters where children are concerned, mandatory court ordered matters, among others.

We are actively developing programmes that strategically address the social ills affecting South Africa. The first programme we developed is called the Tshepo-Tshepiso programme (the male and female names meaning hope in Sesotho), and is aimed at the substance abuse scourge that is detroying individuals, families, and communities.


The Mosito team continues to grow and currently consists of experts in various fields relevant to our work:

Dr Obakeng Mookeletsi – Emergency Medicine Officer

Dr Dudu Ngobeni – Wellness Specialist with a focus in the area of functionality.

Mrs Zuki Maneli – Social worker in the wellness space.

Mr Reg Scheepers – Musician and drummer with a passion for touching lives through musicianship and music. (

Ms Molebogeng Rapetswa – A development activist, watchdog for sustainable development of all our programmes and users.

Dr Anton Scheepers – Maxillofacial and Oral Surgeon and entrepreneur developing interest among young people for careers in medicine through medical career simulation workshops. (

Mrs K L Rapetswa – a seasoned professional nurse with over 40 years’ experience.

Mr Lefty Monyokolo – an internationally accredited life coach, an activist for change in taking challenging paradigms that holds development back.

Mr Ross Ramsunder – founder of Groove Studios, professional musician, producer, and drumming teacher with a passion for developing children in the area of music.

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